Used Bikes Showroom

All our bikes come with current roadworthy certificates and undergo detailed mechanical inspections prior to being available for sale, so you can be assured that your used Harley-Davidson® is in top condition.

We stock a large range of Used Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles. Whether you're looking to purchase your first Harley or chasing a specific used Harley-Davidson® model to add to your collection, Mackay Harley-Davidson can help.

HARLEY | GENUINE PRE-OWNED CLASSIC warranty is available to eligible ‘Genuine Pre-Owned’ Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and has been designed to provide protection against unforeseen Mechanical defects.

A ‘Genuine Pre-Owned’ Harley-Davidson® motorcycle can only be sold by an authorised Harley-Davidson® dealer, must be less than 7 years old and having travelled less than 50,000 km.